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 Singing Lessons 

You love to sing in the shower, on your own in the car while on your way to work, or, if you are a kid (even a big one) in front of a mirror with your hairbrush for a microphone.  So why not bring your amazing voice out for all to hear? Singing is one of those joys of life.  It can be done anywhere and doesn't require you to purchase an instrument - you already own it! Singing lessons are a great way to build confidence and let your voice shine.  


At Timmelle Music Studios we offer lessons and vocal coaching in contemporary styles such as rock, pop, jazz, country, R&B, musical theatre or whatever is to your taste.  Our resident vocal teacher is Michelle, whose friendly approach will help you to overcome nerves and discover your unique voice. 

We offer weekly or fortnightly lessons as well as short courses to help you to prepare for an audition, exam or special performance. 


Weekly lessons are usually 30 minutes in duration. Hour long fortnightly lessons and group lessons are also available. 

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