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Piano Lessons

The piano has withstood the test of time and can be found in all music genres. Whether it's the music of Mozart, Gershwin or Adele, nothing beats the universal sound of this versatile instrument. Students of all ages can learn the piano and it has long been considered the best "schoolmaster" for musicality and a launching pad for learning other instruments. At Timmelle Music Studio, Tim is our resident piano teacher. His friendly and fun style allows students to progress at their own pace and to work towards applying their learning to whichever genre suits their taste. Tim teaches students to read "the dots" (sheet music) as well as the skill of improvising. Learning the piano and playing keyboard obviously go hand in hand and this means that students are not limited to one particular sound.

At Timmelle Music Studios, Tim is able to take students through AMEB exams (such as Piano for Leisure) or facilitate simply learning for fun and to develop musicality. Lessons are usually half an hour in duration although more advanced students may require longer. Lesson time slots can also be shared by members of the same family.

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