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 Drum Lessons 

There's something strangely satisfying about being allowed to whack inanimate objects, even more so when it's in time to music!  Learning to play the drumkit can open the door to all sorts of great musical moments.  From jazz, to Star Wars, to hard rock the drumkit is one of the most flexible instruments around.  At Timmelle Music Studios, Jeremy is our resident drum teacher.  Jeremy's teaching style is student centered and friendly.  Not only does he teach students to hit things in time, but he also teaches them to read drum music, giving students the flexibility to change from style to style and therefore to be better, all round drummers. Reading drum music also gives students a head start on other instruments to further their musicality.

Drum lessons are usually half-hour in duration. Members of the same family are able to share lesson timeslots.  There is no need to own a drumkit before starting lessons but advice can be given when you're ready to purchase one or hire one from us.

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